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PNC Arts Center Charges

Criminal Arrest At PNC Arts Center

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers and adult spectators flock to PNC Bank Arts Center (a.k.a. “Garden State Arts Center”) each summer for concerts and festivals. The New Jersey State Police and Holmdel Police are savvy to the illegal activities that occur among the approximately 17,500 spectators, especially since several well publicized overdoses. Tailgating has been outlawed altogether and undercover police officers routinely patrol the parking lot of the amphitheatre in an effort to identify and arrest those smoking marijuana, using drugs and consuming alcohol. Arrests are way up and there is no doubting that the Holmdel Station of Troop D being within a few hundred yards of the Art Center is a major contributing factor in the spike in offenses.

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If you or your loved one was arrested or otherwise charged with a violation at PNC Bank Arts Center, our defense attorneys are well positioned to assist you. Our Holmdel Criminal Attorneys include several former prosecutors, even one who has previously served in the Holmdel. We have been successfully representing clients in this venue for well over two decades. A lawyer on our eight member defense team is available to assist you with question immediately by calling (732) 737-8487. Initial consultations are free of charge so there is no reason to hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

Common Criminal Charges At PNC Art Center

Although we have experience in defending weapons, aggravated assault, drug distribution and other major crimes arising at PNC, the majority of cases involve some form of disorderly persons offense. Charges of this nature are dealt with in Holmdel Municipal Court. More serious criminal violations, termed indictable crimes, are heard at the Monmouth County Superior Court. Our attorneys are highly experienced in defending all municipal court and superior court criminal charges. We can provide skilled representation in conjunction with offenses that include:

Simple Assault
Aggravated Assault
Obstructing the Administration of Justice
Resisting Arrest
Disorderly Conduct
Less Than 50 Grams of Marijuana
Possession of Drugs
Underage Drinking
Fake ID
Drug Paraphernalia

The objective of our attorneys is always to obtain the best possible result for our clients. A primary focus is to reach an outcome that avoids any type of criminal record. This goal is achieved in an overwhelming percentage of cases. The collateral results often include significantly reduced or eliminated fines and avoidance of license suspension and other penalties.

PNC Criminal Offense Attorneys

The worst thing you can do if you are facing a criminal offense arising at PNC Bank Arts Center is to sit idle and do nothing to defend yourself. There is no escaping the fact that there is a much higher probability that you will be convicted of the charge, have a criminal record, and be subjected to the other punishments, absent your exercising your right to hire a knowledgeable defense lawyer.  By simply picking up the telephone and taking advantage of the opportunity for a free consultation with one of our attorneys, you will have taken a huge step to insure that lifelong consequences are negated. Call our office at (732) 737-8487 for the assistance you need.