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When someone acts in a manner that police find to be overly aggressive or unruly, you can expect a disorderly conduct charge. Holmdel certainly falls within this description, especially when it concerns improper behavior at PNC Bank Art Center. If you were charged with disorderly conduct in Holmdel NJ, whether it was for use of profane language, tumultuous behavior, public intoxication or anything else, our attorneys can assist you. We are a team of 8 defense lawyers, many of whom are former area prosecutors (even one who has served in Holmdel), who possess the knowledge and experience in Holmdel Municipal Court to yield success. The overwhelming probability is that we can assist you in averting a Holmdel disorderly conduct conviction and this is an outcome that is essential if you want to negate a record. Call our Holmdel Office at (732) 737-8487 to seek to one of our Holmdel Criminal Defense Attorneys. Initial consultations are always without charge so there is no reason to hesitate in contacting us.

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Charged With Disorderly Conduct Under N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2

The New Jersey disorderly conduct law outlines types of behavior that can result in a Holmdel disorderly conduct complaint or summons. The first variety of disorderly conduct set forth in N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2 involves improper behavior. An individual commits a violation in this form if they engage in conduct which is intended or recklessly causes public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm. Examples of improper behavior falling within this category include fighting, threatening, violent, tumultuous, hazardous or dangerous. Use of offensive language is the second form of disorderly conduct  set forth under this law. Your words can violate 2C:33-2 where they are are in a public place, with a purpose to offend, and are unreasonably loud, or offensively coarse or abusive. For purpose of the statute, “public” means any location, including facilities, schools, or places of business, where members of the public or a substantial group has access.

A conviction for disorderly conduct results in a record for the equivalent of a misdemeanor criminal charge. The penalties at sentencing include a fine of up to $1,000, as well as the possibility of a county jail term of six months. These are the primary statutory penalties although the court is also free to order probation, community service, counseling and other conditions.

Holmdel NJ Disorderly Conduct Attorneys

There may be a wide range of thoughts that are going through your head at this point of your case. What we would stress to you in this regard is not to take this offense lightly since a conviction will result in a record that will follow you around for years, if not permanently.  All too often we receive calls from individuals just like you who have made the error of handling a Holmdel disorderly conduct charge on their own only to be in shock with the aftermath. The person is frequently a young adult who, out of fear of advising their parents and obtaining aid, pleads guilty or is found guilty. Outcomes which can impact your ability to obtain employment like these are needless and silly in our view. Do not make such a foolish mistake with your charge of disorderly conduct, simple assault, underage drinking or similar violation. Our attorneys have the ability, in all likelihood, to reach a result that averts a record and other punishments that apply under N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2. A lawyer is available immediately to discuss your offense at (732) 737-8487.