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Defense Lawyers With Qualifications To Succeed In Holmdel NJ

When it comes to success in defending a criminal charge, driving while intoxicated (“DWI”) or other offense, there are few substitutes for bona fide qualifications. The lawyers at our firm have experience in Holmdel that few, if any, can paralleled in New Jersey. Jonathan Marshall, Colin Bonus and Paul Zager, have each been representing individuals in this township for over twenty years. Matt Dorry has an even deeper connection to the community based on his serving as the prosecutor of the Holmdel Municipal Court for several years. We obviously possess the know how you need to effectively handle any offense arising in this municipality.

Experienced Lawyers and Former Prosecutors

The lawyers at our firm make up what may be the largest criminal defense team in New Jersey and certainly Monmouth County. Prior to dedicate our practice exclusively to the defense, several of us served as prosecutors, including in Holmdel New Jersey. We are equipped to skillfully represent you on any charge you may be facing, including:

Our extensive experience and familiarity with the court system and police department in Holmdel allows us to provide a thorough defense on your behalf. Evey client who hires our lawyers derive the benefit of these resources.

An Attorney Is Available Immediately To Discuss Your Holmdel Offense

The criminal justice system can be extremely unforgiving in this state. Almost any disorderly persons offense leaves you with a record. The situation is even worse if the offense is an indictable crime like aggravated assault or possess of almost any form of CDS beyond 50 grams or less of marijuana. In fact, you can even be sentenced to jail. Considerations such as these should tell you that it would be foolish to walk into court without having a competent attorney at your side. This is precisely what can provide to you. Call The Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall at 877-450-8301 for a free initial consultation or contact us online. Se habla español.